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Nelson said he learned about PCB contamination while growing up in Stillwater on the banks of the Hudson River. Nelson said the world is at a tipping point and this is a linchpin issue for the human race.

Nelson said that when that approach was tried in British Columbia, emissions increased. It is also a regressive tax, which would hit low-income people hardest, he said.

Nelson said he supports legislation requiring the country to get off fossil fuels by 2035. He would also end subsidies of fossil fuel companies.

“Stop permitting of new fossil fuel extraction,” he said.

Nelson said that about 17 percent of the United States’ power is supplied through renewable energy and getting up to 100 percent is going to be a big challenge.

“It’s going to take 20 or 30 years of potentially full employment to make this work,” he said.

He advocated for a New Deal-style job corps and training for workers displaced from the fossil fuel industry.

Also, there was a brief back-and-forth when Nelson asked each of the candidates whether they would be accepting corporate PAC money.

Nelson said the Democrats should not accept any money from corporations to take the issue off the table.

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Patrick Nelson