Stillwater, NY – Since 1955, Tax Day has fallen on April 15, the deadline for when American citizens submit their tax returns to the government. That day has come and gone, and Patrick has submitted his tax papers to close out 2017 financially. The only difference between a private citizen and a candidate running for public office is that folks deserve the right to see tax records to show full transparency of a person they may be voting for.

What do tax records show and why should candidates and elected officials post them for the public to view?

For one, the public can see what a candidate, or elected official, paid in taxes along with any deductions and tax credits claimed. We can also find out if somebody running for office holds any financial positions with companies. There are many reasons why one may not want to disclose this to voters. President Trump has delayed releasing his tax returns to the public ever since he was on the campaign trail in 2015.

Two months ago, there was a call for all of the Democratic candidates running in the 21st, to release their returns. Patrick has done so. But, no other Democratic candidate has released their returns as of yet. Congresswoman Stefanik has released tax returns in the past during her runs for office.

“Anyone who has been paying attention over the last four years knows Congresswoman Stefanik always releases her tax returns,” Nelson stated. “Those with political savvy understand it’s better to get ahead on releasing your taxes than it is to wait. That’s why I’ve released my tax returns now two years in a row. I’ve been the only candidate on the Democratic side to do so, and now I am asking my fellow candidates to join me in standing up for transparency. We cannot demand that the President release his tax returns without first releasing ours.”

To view Patrick’s tax returns, please click on the year: 2016 and 2017 

Patrick Nelson