Stillwater, NY – Our democracy has been suspended, indefinitely, due to our greedy political leaders and the influence of big money in politics. Justice Democrat Patrick Nelson (D-Stillwater), who is seeking the Congressional seat in New York’s 21st District, has vowed not to accept corporate PAC and lobbyist money. He is a true progressive who believes in reinstating democracy. Because of Patrick's commitment to true progressive values, North Country Our Revolution has taken notice.

“Members of the progressive political organization North Country Our Revolution have decided to endorse Democratic Congressional candidate for NY 21, Patrick Nelson,” said JP Burns, an organizer for the local affiliate of Our Revolution, a political activist group with chapters all across the United States. “Patrick is a Justice Democrat which means he is refusing to take corporate PAC money. We have met with the progressive candidates in this particular race, and he is best aligned with our values and policies.”

Progressives have been flipping seats across the nation due to their platform. The uphill battle against the corporate wing of the Democratic Party and the DCCC has been tough. The establishment has chosen candidates who are groomed and trained to work for them instead of their constituents. In fact, the DCCC continues to push failed political strategies on its candidates like not running on popular policies like Medicare-for-All. North Country Our Revolution plans to change that by endorsing candidates like Patrick.

Our Revolution was formed after  Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for the presidency in 2016 to continue the mission to get people involved in the political process and work to elect progressive candidates.

“We believe candidates like Patrick Nelson are the leaders who will help to change our political system,” Burns added.

Patrick Nelson