Democratic congressional candidate Patrick Nelson urged U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, to vote ‘no’ on the latest version of House Republican legislation to repeal and replace former President Obama’s health care plan.

“She has run on and she has touted and she has kept saying the words, ‘independent and bipartisan.’ If there was ever a time for the congresswoman to be independent and bipartisan, it is right now,” said Nelson, who contacted The Post-Star on Thursday to elaborate on a press release his campaign issued.

Nelson, a political activist and 2016 Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Stefanik in 2018 in the 21st Congressional District.

Tom Flanagin, a spokesman for Stefanik, said Wednesday evening that Stefanik was waiting for final text of the legislation.

“Congresswoman Stefanik has long advocated for a replacement package that improves healthcare quality and accessibility and lowers costs while covering pre-existing conditions,” he said. “She continues to advocate for these principles as members continue to discuss the path forward.”

Nelson said the legislation sets up an unfair price differential between the young and the elderly, and creates state’s rights issues for states such as New York that require health plans in the state to incude certain benefits.

Nelson called the latest version “the zombine health care bill,” a reference to House leaders canceling a vote on an earlier version of the legislation when there was not enough support to pass it.

“We killed it once. It’s back from the dead,” Nelson said. “We have to kill it again."

Patrick Nelson