21st Century Policies for NY's 21st Congressional District

“There are over 700,000 people living the 21st District and every one of them knows something that I don't. If we work together we will do a far better job than anyone could do on their own. I will always be learning in this job.”

-Patrick Nelson  


  • Improved and expanded Medicare for all

  • Fight the opioid epidemic with policies based on research and reason, not prejudice and propaganda by ending the failed "War on Drugs" and diverting resources from prohibition and enforcement into treatment

  • Increase public funding of medical research to fight the rise of antibiotic resistant infections

  • Reduce the obscene costs of medicines and medical devices in the US

  • Restrict pharmaceutical advertising on television

  • Fight for a full-service VA Hospital in the North Country so our heroes can access the care they have earned without having to travel over 100 miles

  • Protect every woman's constitutional right to make their own healthcare decisions and choose their own provider including Planned Parenthood

Careers; Not Just Jobs

  • Immediate and bold action to address human-caused climate change, converting our energy systems and creating millions of careers in our country and thousands in the North Country

  • Investments in North Country infrastructure and world-class rural broadband

  • New programs to help our neighbors create small businesses to provide jobs in our communities

  • Universal Higher Education including trade schools and apprenticeships alongside our great local Colleges and Universities

  • Reduce the burden of student debt

  • Eliminate the "welfare trap" for low income workers by smoothing out the transition from benefits to independence

  • Protect our precious natural resources

  • A living wage for everyone

Reforming our Political System

  • Publicly funded elections

  • Electoral reform including ranked-choice voting

  • Breaking up too-big-to-fail Wall Street Banks and ending the days of too-big-to-jail bankers

  • No more expensive, unnecessary, and immoral regime-change wars

  • Expand Social Security by lifting the cap on contributions that prevents high income earners from paying fully into this vital program

  • Building a collaborative relationship between constituents and their chosen representatives

Note this is not an exhaustive list at this time. This page will expand and improve throughout the campaign. If there is an issue important to you please do not hesitate to reach out to us about it.

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