Patrick Nelson on Healthcare:

The case for every New Yorker to have comprehensive healthcare has been thoroughly made by the COVID19 crisis. The case was strong before, but the evidence now is insurmountable. Not only do we need to ensure care to protect ourselves from a pandemic. We need to do so to strengthen our economy, support small businesses, and reduce the burden of property taxes throughout our district. Continue reading

Patrick Nelson on Environmental Issues

A strong economy requires and thrives in a clean environment. There is no conflict between creating jobs and a growing economy and taking care of our natural resources. Air must be clean to breathe and water safe to drink. We must rise to the challenges of Climate Change together before it is too late and get off fossil fuels as quickly as humanly possible. Doing this will drive innovation in our state leading to new jobs and a higher quality of life. Continue reading

Patrick Nelson on Democracy & Ethics

How many books must be written about the corruption in New York State politics before something gets done about it? We need real reform, not just talking points and the only way to do it is to elect legislators who are not beholden to special interests because we refuse to take their money. We need to take power from Albany politicians and the two major parties and send it back to the citizens where it belongs. Continue reading

Patrick Nelson on COVID-19

This global pandemic has laid bare the structural faults in our social systems. We must work to correct these together to get through this crisis and we must continue that work to strengthen our resilience to the next crisis. Another pandemic, or disaster will come our way in the future. All that we can control is how well prepared we are for it and how well we learn the lessons of this crisis. Continue reading

Patrick Nelson on Education & Our Economy

Providing tax incentives to large profitable corporations is not an effective economic development policy. If we want to grow a thriving economy we must plant and nurture the seeds of entrepreneurship by reducing the regulatory and financial burdens on new and small businesses. We must also work to lower the cost of failure because history tells us that most successful businesses are started by those who fail and try again and again. We must encourage and support those who at first do not succeed to try again because we all benefit from the creation of new businesses in our communities.  We must also work to build the best educated workforce in the world here in our state. We live in a competitive global economy and education is the most valuable investment we can make towards thriving in it. Continue reading