Patrick Nelson on Healthcare:

The case for every New Yorker to have comprehensive healthcare has been thoroughly made by the COVID19 crisis. The case was strong before, but the evidence now is insurmountable. Not only do we need to ensure care to protect ourselves from a pandemic. We need to do so to strengthen our economy, support small businesses, and reduce the burden of property taxes throughout our district.

Healthcare A fiscally responsible and humane healthcare system as embodied in the New York Health Act that will:
Comprehensive Care Provide comprehensive healthcare to every New Yorker including:
  • Preventative Care
  • Mental Health and Addiction Care
  • Access to any hospital, or provider
Prescription Drugs Reduce overall healthcare costs and prescription drug costs while streamlining the billing process for healthcare providers.
Support Entrepreneurship Reduce the healthcare burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Property Tax Lower property taxes and free up revenues for local governments to use for roads, water, and sewer systems. 
Nurses Safe staffing for all of our healthcare facilities.
Reproductive Health Care Continue the work of protecting the Constitutional reproductive health rights of all New Yorkers. 
Opioid Treatment Treat the problem of addiction like the healthcare problem that it is. If the policies of the failed "war on drugs" were effective in preventing addiction, we would not have an epidemic now. Doubling down on those policies will make the problem worse, not better. We must continue the transition towards treatment over enforcement and ensure everyone has access to addiction treatment and mental health services.