Patrick Nelson on Environmental Issues

A strong economy requires and thrives in a clean environment. There is no conflict between creating jobs and a growing economy and taking care of our natural resources. Air must be clean to breathe and water safe to drink. We must rise to the challenges of Climate Change together before it is too late and get off fossil fuels as quickly as humanly possible. Doing this will drive innovation in our state leading to new jobs and a higher quality of life.

Environment A clean environment, safe drinking water, and a pathway to 100% renewable energy as soon as humanly possible. If we do not act, Climate Change will bring a level of crisis far worse than COVID19
Divestment Support the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act, divesting $10 billion of the state’s $210 billion pension fund from fossil fuel corporations. 
Natural Gas Stop development of fossil fuel infrastructure and incentivize rapid development of renewable developments and job training programs to support the renewable energy sector.
Solar Support the critical development of the 21st century electric grid to optimize for the distributed generation of power from renewable sources. 
Food Waste Work to develop sustainable technologies that convert food, sewage, and agricultural waste into carbon-neutral biofuels, or other forms of energy generation.