Patrick Nelson on Education & Our Economy

Providing tax incentives to large profitable corporations is not an effective economic development policy. If we want to grow a thriving economy we must plant and nurture the seeds of entrepreneurship by reducing the regulatory and financial burdens on new and small businesses. We must also work to lower the cost of failure because history tells us that most successful businesses are started by those who fail and try again and again. We must encourage and support those who at first do not succeed to try again because we all benefit from the creation of new businesses in our communities. 

We must also work to build the best educated workforce in the world here in our state. We live in a competitive global economy and education is the most valuable investment we can make towards thriving in it.

Nurse A thriving wage, benefits, and the right to unionize for all essential workers.
Property Taxes Lower our property taxes:
School Fully fund our public schools and demand that the $30,776,281 owed to schools in the 43rd Senate District be fully repaid.
Funding Increase Aid and Incentive to Municipalities (“AIM”) for the first time in over 10 years so that Albany foots the bill for its mandates on local governments.
Healthcare Support healthcare reform that takes the Medicaid burden off of local governments and reduces overall healthcare costs.
bureaucracy Streamlining inefficient state bureaucracy that wastes taxpayer money on administering overly complicated grant and incentive programs rather than directly working to solve problems: 
Sewer Replace our grant centered water and sewer funding system with a per capita allowance to all local governments like we already have with the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (“CHIPS”) program. This will allow our communities to do proper upkeep and preventative maintenance and use the money currently being eaten up by grant writers and reviewers to instead actually fix pipes. 
Fiber Optics Develop publicly owned broadband systems to do what for-profit companies refuse to do and compete to improve customer service and reduce cost to consumers. If the big telecommunications companies refuse to serve rural customers, we can run that cable ourselves and own it publicly just like we do with water and sewer systems.
Small Business Reduce the regulatory burden on new and small businesses: 
regulations An opportunity to cure minor infractions before a fine is levied. The first notice you receive from the state about not filing a form shouldn't come with a fine. 
Customer Service A one stop customer service center for new businesses to help navigate the start-up process. 
Payroll Develop a no-cost public payroll processing service for small and new businesses in our state to make hiring new employees faster and less expensive.
Student Debt Student debt relief of New York entrepreneurs. 
Tractor Policies that benefit rural New Yorkers and our farmers by providing a reasoned voice for our communities and the ability to actually get things done. 
Farm goods Price support for farm goods during economic downturns.
Cannabis A legal cannabis system that works for upstate farmers and allows for small operations that grow and sell their own cannabis products.
Taxes A fair and equitable tax code that requires that those who benefit the most from our state also pay the most to maintain it. In the most economically unequal state in our inexcusably unequal country, the budget should never be balanced on the back of hardworking New Yorkers. We should cut taxes for working families and put the tax burden of our state back where it belongs. Proposals include:
Millionaire An expanded millionaires tax.
pied-à-terre A Pied-a-terre tax on luxury second homes downstate.
Stock Transfer Restoring the roughly 0.25% Stock Transfer Tax that provides $15/billion a year to the state that Albany refuses to use. 
Student Improve our state’s education system from pre-K to Ph.D:
np_college_2381571_2C7CBD.png Fully fund our public schools and stop efforts to privatize them.
Scholarship Expand eligibility for the excelsior scholarship program to include more New Yorkers and post-graduate work for those who qualify. An educated citizenry benefits every New Yorker and our economy. 
scantron Reduce the burden of standardized tests on our education system. Students should be taught the skills to be good and productive citizens, not how to pass tests. 
Pre-K Universal pre-K for every child and affordable child care for every family.