Patrick Nelson on Democracy & Ethics

How many books must be written about the corruption in New York State politics before something gets done about it? We need real reform, not just talking points and the only way to do it is to elect legislators who are not beholden to special interests because we refuse to take their money. We need to take power from Albany politicians and the two major parties and send it back to the citizens where it belongs.

Tired State Legislators that are making $130,000 per year should be expected to work full time for us. We should add late Summer and Fall Legislative Sessions to the calendar and have us focus on developing the next year’s State Budget to reform the current late March “all nighter” system of passing the State Budget. Sleepless, procrastinating politicians don’t make the best policy.  
Budget Reform the New York Budget process to include only the actual budget and no additional policy that doesn’t involve raising, or spending money.
Lobbying Develop an effective system of public campaign finance that puts power in the hands of hard working New Yorkers and not special interests. Stop this system from being used as a means of political retribution against minor parties in the state. 
Corruption End corporate contributions to political campaigns.
Voting Enact ranked-choice, or instant runoff, voting statewide to further open the democratic process to those who are not members of either major party. Voters should be free to vote their conscience and values without fear that they are actually helping elect someone with whom they disagree. 
Ballot Develop a system for ballot initiatives in our state to give voters a greater direct say in the laws and policy of our state. 
Elected Term Limits for all elected officials in New York. 
LLC This campaign is committed to leading by example and will take no campaign contributions from Corporations, Corporate PACs, or LLCs. We refuse to be beholden to special interests.