Patrick Nelson on COVID-19

This global pandemic has laid bare the structural faults in our social systems. We must work to correct these together to get through this crisis and we must continue that work to strengthen our resilience to the next crisis. Another pandemic, or disaster will come our way in the future. All that we can control is how well prepared we are for it and how well we learn the lessons of this crisis.


Testing Full coverage for all COVID19 testing and treatment for every New Yorker, including initial diagnostic, secondary immunity testing, and any necessary testing need to screen larger groups of people before we can reopen the economy. Legislation and mandates can't let this distinction leave gaps in coverage.
Sick Leave Guaranteed, permanent paid sick leave for every New Yorker. We must learn from this crisis and can never put ourselves in this dangerous position again where sick people feel the need to work while ill.
Hazard Hazard pay for essential workers
Organize Harsh penalties for large companies that suppress the right of workers to organize. 
Infrastructure Expand social programs like unemployment and public works projects to counteract the economic downturn. These programs would be paid for by higher taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers. This was the policy that previous Governors like Franklin Roosevelt used to pull this state out of recessions and depressions. 
Strategic Reserve Establish a large strategic reserve of essential pandemic resources in the state to improve the response in future crises. 
np_housing_2392185_267CBE.png Ensure adequate housing protections during the economic downturn including rent and mortgage abatement. These protections should include small businesses.
np_apple_71038_267CBE.png Enact a universal healthcare system in the state so that no New Yorkers ever puts off testing, or treatment because of the fear that they cannot pay. 
Balance of Powers
Ensure that the Governor's emergency powers are brought back to the legislature, local governments, and the people when the crisis is over. History has shown us that it is easy to give the Executive Branch more power during a crisis and much harder to get it back to where it belongs. We cannot allow rule by gubernatorial fiat to be the new, long-term normal.