Our next fundraiser will be at Panza's Restaurant on Saratoga Lake Friday, February 23rd at 6PM.

The theme of the event is "Medicare-for-All is a Wave Making Issue for 2018." Speakers will include: Anasha Cummings, a Troy City Councilmember, Sergia Coffey, PhD, Professor of Economics at SUNY Empire State, Phil Steck, member of the NYS Assembly Health Committee, and of course Patrick Nelson. 


Twenty-First Century Policies for New York's Twenty-First Congressional District

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Grown from the Grassroots and bringing 21st century policies to New York’s 21st Congressional District, we will build upon the progress made by the Bernie Sanders Campaign: Offering a bold vision for the future of New York’s North Country and the future of our nation. Together, we’re going to build a new model of open and transparent government based upon dialogue and not demagoguery. If you believe that America should be run for the people then join our campaign. You can rest assured I will give every ounce of my strength and energy to be the best Congressional Representative I can be.